PhD Supervision

I welcome inquiries about PhD and MPhil supervision from all students interested in studying at the Department of Sociology and Social Policy, Lingnan University, Hong Kong SAR.

Ideally, research proposals will broadly match my academic areas of interest, but I will consider all proposals.

For more information about the Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme, please follow the link.

PhD Supervision Interests

Comparative and global social policy analysis, social investment, productive welfare policy, child well-being, politics of welfare reform, partisan theory, historical institutionalism, comparative research methods.

MPhil/PhD Supervision

Since 2017, Evelyn Addae, Assessing Associations Between Social Determinants of Health and Adolescents’ Well-Being (MPhil)

2014-2018, Hyungyung Moon, Tracing the Process of Institutional Change: The Case of the National Pension Scheme Reforms in South Korea (PhD)

2013-2016, Ik Hyun Jang, The Distributive Impact of New Welfare Policies in the Context of Old Welfare Institutions: A Multi-level Analysis of Income Inequality Across OECD Countries (PhD)

2014-2015, Christopher Clarke, Gender Inequality in the Labour Market: The Comparative Impact of Work-Family Reconciliation Policies (PhD)

2012-2015, Min-Chul Hwang, A Quantitative Study of Effective Service Delivery for Immigrant Wives’ Integration in Seoul, Korea (PhD)

2012-2014, Seung Eun Lee, Analysing Protectice, Active and Legislative Disability Policy in 10 OECD Countries Through Fuzzy Set Ideal Type Analysis (MPhil)

2011-2015, Nan Yang, Beyond Productivism? Conceptualising East Asian Welfare Regimes With Fuzzy Sets (PhD)

2009-2013, Lei Zhang, Bringing China in Comparative Welfare Research: Pension Reform in China – A Historical Institutionalist Case Study (PhD)

MPhil/PhD Examining

2014, Courtney McNamara, Trade Liberalization, Social Policies and Health: A Theoretical and Empirical Exploration (PhD)

2011, Daniel Horsfall, Measuring the Competition State Thesis (PhD)

2010, Nam Kyoung Jo, The Effect of Values on Social Policy within the Welfare State (PhD)

2009, Hun-Sang Lee, Pension Reforms in the United Kingdom: Implications for Pension Policies in Korea (MPhil)

MPhil/PhD Thesis Advisor

2011-2014, Christopher Clarke, Gender Inequality in the Labour Market: The Comparative Impact of Work-Family Reconciliation Policies (PhD)

2011-2014, Tuan Nguyen, Vietnam Housing Policy in the Economy Transition Process (PhD)

2010-2012, Yong-Chang Heo, A Comparative Historical Study of Housing Policy in Korea and Singapore (PhD)

2010-2012, Maxton Grant Tsoka, Community and Individual Targeting in Malawi (PhD)

2007-2010, John Holmes, Potential Futures: A Latent Class Analysis of Young People’s Use of the Internet (PhD)